All You Need To Know About Electronic Dance Music

EDM or Electronic Dance Music is now becoming the trending genre among young people because of its dynamic and creativity. Unlike other types of music genre, EDM is a term that consists of a various number of styles that we can’t put all together in one place. If you want to dig deeper into EDM, you should know at least the basic of them. The DJs play the tracks; you should know the original as well as the main genres they are pursuing.

The confusion of the term EDM is because of the lack of information of the audience. We don’t exactly know this type of music well in comparison with pop music or rock, even though this is a rising trend. That’s the reason why now we should have a guide for beginners to know exactly how the EDM music is and distinguish the genres.


  1. House

This is considered one of the most popular forms of EDM for several reasons. Many people think that this is a new – born style, but the truth is that House music has been playing for more than three decades still now. House music is born in Chicago, America. That’s why people can feel the absolute American style in each track. The tracks are often mixed with disco beats so that it is most recognized in clubs and on the mainstream. This kind of music is really easy to hear because the beat is relevant with a beautiful vocal.

Mentioning House music, we can’t forget to mention some artists that are famous for their tracks such as David Guetta, deadmau5… Their hits often hit the number 1 on Billboard with noticeable style that can’t be mistaken to other’s music

I love House Music

House music consists of some subgenres such as Deep House, Electro House, Tech House or Tribal House. Each one is a unique combination between the disco beats and other types of EDM musical instrument. It produces the sounds and the mixes that can wake up the senses of thousands of people when played.

  1. Techno

Basically, Techno is not considered as an electronic music style, however, with its development in style and melody, we can see that this can be counted as one. Techno music was born in Detroit, America. The DJs here often played the music of Yellow Magic Orchestra or Giorgio Moroder, but they wanted a little change so as to make some positive impacts on the boring tracks which were played over and over. Digital sound was the best combination at that time. Though Techno can’t be popular as its cousin House, there are still many hits produced in this genre and it is going to experience a rising trend in the future.

Today, you can still look for the best track in Techno of well – known artists such as Carl Cox, UMEK or Adam Beyer. You won’t regret taking the time to find a good track because of the quality and the soul inside the tracks.

Techno has a subgenre called Minimal. It has a few differences in comparison with the mainstream, so if you are a fan of Techno, it would not be a bad choice to give this a try.

  1. Trance

Just like House music, Trance is also on the list of the most popular EDM form today. Trance is a Germany – style type of electronic music with the tempo of 110 to 150 beats per minute. That’s the reason why producing a Trance track is quite a task of a challenge to many artists though they have many experiences with EDM. Though this kind of music was first produced in German, it gains popularity in America and becomes one of the most common genres in most of EDM festivals. The styles in countries are different from each other.

Talking about Trance, we shouldn’t forget to mention some names that succeed in producing Trance music and take it to a higher level in the music industry such as Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto or Ferry Corsten. Their tracks should be in your playlist if you are a big fan of EDM.

EDM revolution

There are some subgenres that you should try such as Progressive Trance, Vocal Trance, especially Tech Trance – the combination of Techno and Trance. You mind will be blown with the style and the beat.

  1. Dubstep

This kind of EDM is not as popular as other EDM forms, because of the beats and partly because it is quite difficult to keep up with. Dubstep tracks are often clocked in at 140BPM. The beats are often unpredictable with weird electrical sounds. Dubstep tracks nowadays are quite different from the originals ones from London. Through many years, it has turned into the genre we know and love.

Some of the most famous dubstep artists are Scream, Skrillex, Borgore and Kode 9. They are famous for their beautiful and unpredictable tracks that can explode in your mind when played.

If you are a big fan of Dubstep, you should try some subgenres such as Brostep, Luvstep or Thugstep. They are some alternatives genres that can make you feel better sometimes.

The world of Electronic Dance Music is very wide with countless genres and subgenres. That’s the reason why the forms above are just a small part of it. If you really want to experience real EDM, come to an EDM festival. It would be such an unforgettable time for you when immersing into the world of electronic music made by DJs and producers all around the world. EDM is expected to dominate the music charts in the next 5 years, so follow the trend to see its development and transformation. If you have any questions about this interesting and energetic type of music, feel free to pay a visit to my blog about EDM and festivals. It would be such a great honor to have you there. Keep loving Electronic Dance Music!

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