Beginner’s Guide To Edm Fans

With the development of musical instruments as well as digital equipment, the power of Electronic Dance Music has experienced a huge increase in the last 20 years. Started from simple tracks with just a few familiar names, EDM has become one of the most important parts of the world of music and music produce industry. However, because some of the genres and subgenres are still new to people who are interested in EDM, this article will show you some basic things about this magical music.

  1. What Is EDM?

Walking through the door of clubs, bars, you would be confused by the music striking through your ears and pounding in your chest and the flashlights everywhere. The excitement formed by the crowd dancing and yelling together makes you feel a little bit nervous, but can’t keep yourself out of the atmosphere. So what is the main factor of this scene?


The atmosphere, the lights and people around you affect your mood partly, but the main factor is the music. People often call it “dance music” or EDM (Electronic Dance Music).

EDM can be understood easily by its name – the abbreviation of Electronic Dance Music. It means the music is produced and played by digital equipment and tools. This trend began in America with an amazing spreading speed.

Nowadays, EDM has become one of the most popular types of music with a huge number of a fan all over the world.

EDM is divided into many genres and subgenres. Each one has its own style, tempo, and beats. An EDM fan will know the genre better than normal people because of these features. That’s the reason why we should know the basic knowledge of this music type so as to enjoy it better though this would be quite complicated.

  1. Recent Popular EDM Genres

As mentioned above, EDM is the term that refers to a large number of electronic music genres. With a new one like you, looking for information and distinguish those kinds of EDM form are likely impossible because it requires a huge amount of effort not mentioning it would be such a waste of time and knowledge.

Basically, professionals distinguish the EDM genres based on the tempo and beats as well as vocal of the tracks. It might be such a really difficult task for us to know all of them, not mentioning understanding all the factors. So why don’t why divide them into groups that based on our interests and characteristics? This is an effective way for you to know exactly which kind of dance music and how fast it would be to suit your needs. It depends on you and no one can tell you about this, so let your feeling decides everything.

EDM festival

If you are a person who likes the crowd and wants to be a part of it? EDM festival with the theme about Electro, Big Room, Dubstep or Trap is definitely a good choice. On the other hand, if you are a person who likes waving with deep and enchanted digital tunes with a slower tempo and emotional lyrics, Deep House, Tropical House or Future House are the genres for you.

Below are some well – known EDM genres that you might concern. Give them a try and you will know that you are looking for. Knowing and listening to EDM doesn’t mean you have to remember all the stuff, but it means that you should know deeply about your favorite kind.

  • Progressive House: This is a kind of emotional music with strong and hard feelings and imbued with a mystical feature that brings some confusions and illusions to the audience. Progressive house is played in moderate tempo with some fast parts. Sometimes, to boost up the spirit of the track, vocal is added in so as to specialize the chords. More of the famous DJs in the world are the big fan of this EDM genre for example Nicky Romeo, Avicii, Alesso or Nervo.
  • Bigroom House: This is a subgenre of Electro House. Developed from Progressive Hosue with the massive energy source and simple lyrics, Bigroom House tracks can easily make the crowd explode and dance to the beat. Bigroom is very catchy and brings the enjoyment to audience easily. That’s why it is once the mainstream music of clubs and bars as well as big EDM festivals around the world recently. However, from 2015, Bigroom has nearly disappeared because of the domination of deeper House genres such as Deep House or Tropical House. If you are an energetic person who likes parties and love Bigroom tracks, look for those of Martin Garrix, Hardwell or Vinai, they won’t make you disappointed.

Bigroom House


  • Tropical House: a subgenre of Deep House which is predicted to rule the world of music in the next 5 years. The special feature of this House subgenre is that the music involves the percussion with bright tones that bring peaceful and relaxed feeling to people. The audience often feels that they are on the tropical beach with the wild breeze and the sunshine. That’s the magical effect of Tropical House. Some of the most famous names recently are Kygo, Thomas Jack, Bakermat, and Klingande.


Above is the definition of EDM as well as some popular genres recently. If you want to look for well – known tracks and famous EDM artist, go to our website about EDM and festivals for more information. World – class artists always challenge themselves in order to develop their producing and performing skills. That’s why we should also give other genres a try apart from the one that is our favorite.

“Music is the best way to express the emotions of ourselves”, therefore, when we listen to music, our body should go with it and release the energy. EDM is a way to get rid of your tiredness and escape from the hustle and the bustle of the busy life. Don’t be shy, just try new things and you will find the best one for you in the world of music.

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