Choosing A Dj Name – Challenging Task

Choosing a name to work with is such a difficult task for a DJ, especially when you are a beginner in this business. You might think the name is not that important at first, but when you are going to the higher level in your career life, it would be such a vital thing to think about. It is definitely your brand and the way people know about you and your tracks.

The world of DJs is waiting for you if your decision is made with 100% determination. So what are you waiting for? Let’s pick a unique name and show the world what you got!

This article is not written to bring you some particular names or give you some easy choice. It is just a guide about how to pick a name and what to avoid before you decide the brand of your music.


  1. Pronounce Your DJ Name Correctly Before Using

The name should be unique and different from others. However, that doesn’t mean you have to pick something that nobody can pronounce. What is the point when your name is mispronounced into something different, or worse?

The only solution here is using the symbols and make them special but the audiences can still pronounce it correctly. For example, if you are using English as your language, you shouldn’t use French or German special pronounced words to be your DJ name. It would be quite hard for people to know and understand the name.

  1. Don’t Pick the Name That Can’t Be Spelled

Another thing that you should concern about is the name spell. People can pronounce your name right doesn’t mean they can write it or spell your name correctly. That’s why you should choose simple name – not too long, not too complicated. It would make people remember you better.

To avoid this confusion, your name should be simple a short but still keep the unique and fashionable style. For instance, if you are going to pick a name, it would be some things related to your DJ career and the EDM genre you are playing.

Choose Your Favorite DJ Music

  1. Using “DJ” As A Part of Your Name

There are two options: Using “DJ” at the beginning of your name or not. In fact, if you are a new guy in the club, people should be informed first that you are a “DJ” by your name. However, with the current trend in DJ name, people don’t use this phrase anymore.

Creating some tracks don’t depend on the “DJ” in your name, so if you notice, you can see that not many people use this in their names anymore.

  1. Using The Name As A Social Media Booster

Today is the world of information with the cutting – edge development of the Internet. That’s the reason why you should have your own DJ page with your name on the URL. If you can choose a unique name to do the site, it would be a giant leap. The advertisement and promoting campaigns can be run easier with a special and outstanding name.

Get all the domain with your name on it, even if you don’t use them right away. You had better use them to get more fans and keep your tracks up – to – date.

  1. Don’t Be Tied To A Certain Genre

Many DJ has the words in their names attached to a particular genre. It might be good at first because it is like a claim about the genre of the artist. However, the music grows dies every day. The genres are something people forget quickly after some years.

Choose a good DJ name

If you are planning to use a name such as “EDM warrior”, “DJ Chance Mike”, it can’t be helpful to you because you are attached to a single genre. Choose a name that you feel confident with and flexible for you to change between genres. Nobody can predict a life, so you should save something to deal with, especially your name.

  1. Pick The Name That Everyone Understands

Make sure that your DJ name works in other languages. If you are making your music in England, you should check some other languages to see whether the name could be used widely or not.

Never choose a name that you have to explain to people over and over about the meaning of it. It would make you lose some foreign followers. It would be such a big mistake if you think your music can be famous in your hometown.

  1. The name should be unique in only DJ field

It would be completely fine if your DJ name is similar to another factory and they sell products. Don’t give up if you accidentally recognized if your name is taken before. Your brand goes along without until you can’t have new tracks.

You should look for names on the Internet to see if your name has already been taken or not. Don’t be too serious about the name. You have tons of work to do to become a well – known DJ. Not many words or phrases are fully unique. That’s why you can just pick a special name with no chance to make it your own.

  1. Prepare A Logo

The logo is the way people use to promote their products. We can use this way to achieve the same result as the DJ name but visually. The logo can be used as the mark of the DJ, and of course, it can’t make you feel active and mix music effectively. However, the products and other tracks can your logo that helps people recognize you.

Choosing a good name can be done in just one of two days. Never think that you just need 1 or 2 nights to think of a good and unique name. However, since its importance to your career life in the future, you should take a look at this article and see what you have been doing wrong and change your name to make it better. If you have any questions about EDM, don’t hesitate to ask me.



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