How to Be Success Electronic Dance Music Producer?

Electronic Dance Music or EDM is a new music genre that is experiencing an incredible upward trend recently. The tracks of EDM producers featuring well – known singers dominate the lists with a high ranking. That’s the reason why nowadays more and more people dream of being an electronic dance producer. However, things are not like they have planned. Though there are so many producers have such astonishing talent about producing tracks with a high level of performing skills, just some of them can win the audience’s heart and be famous.

So what are the obstacles that the rest of the producers can break through to escalate the ladder of success? The answers are various, but in this article, I will show you the most common ones that are considered the biggest mistakes that new – comers often make when trying to reach the stage and how to avoid being stuck with them.

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  1. No Unique Style

The first thing I really want to mention in this post is not about the performing skills but the style of an artist. Regardless of the art, any artist has to find his or her own way to shine, especially in music. Many people think that they just need to complete a song that is quite similar to an original somewhere and submit on the Internet to be an EDM producer, but the truth is not that easy. People don’t waste their time to listen to such a copy of an outstanding track, you should remember that. That’s why to be a real producer, you have to find your unique style and go your own way.

This might take your years, even half of your career life to find out the unique style of your own. Not so many people can do it, that’s why you need to be patient and develop your skills. Some artists lived their lives in poverty for near live 10, even 20 years before they find their own way of producing and writing big hits with their own style.

Finding your own style is very hard, but making it unique and still people’s choice is even harder. In order to know your producing level, you should public your tracks so as to receive comments about them and adjust your styles so that the track can be better. Don’t be shy if your skills are not good enough. No one can be a success story from the beginning.

  1. No Social Media

Surprisingly, there is a fact that some producers don’t use the power of social media through their job relies on them very much. The social media can be used in both positive and negative way if you know how to. That’s why it is one of the most powerful ways to boost up the reputation of an artist.

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The social media can spread your tracks in no time, however, it won’t bring any profits back to you if your work is not good enough. Though that situation happens quite a lot to beginning EDM producers, it is still worth trying to risk to receive more compliments and complaints about your career. People on the Internet is the main source of the audience for not only EDM producers but also the majority of artist all over the world.

To be well – know, a new EDM artist should know how to use the social media such as Facebook, Twitter… to promote an image as well as the products. This would be such a giant leap to one’s career life.

  1. Money First, Fans Later

This is one of the most common and worst mistakes of new EDM producers. Let’s just think about it. Who would want to buy a song from a nameless producer just to hear for several times? I bet that just a few of us can waste our money like that. Many producers want to make quick cash right away with their products just after having some small hits, or even when they are not even recognized by most of the audience. That’s such a big mistake because being exclusive that mean the track can’t be spread widely.

The most important thing for new producers is not money. It means that their music doesn’t need to bring back some small profits, it is definitely not enough in comparison with the money spent to produce it as a single. That’s the reason why producers should begin with building a large number of fan and a worldwide recognition so that they can be held in high – esteem and the tracks can bring back lots of money later.

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The investment on the reputation is always better than on quick cash. An EDM producer doesn’t need to be too rich but must be well – known by the community so as to continue producing his music in the future.

  1. No Local Support

Some producers think that their tracks and their reputation as an EDM producer just need to be on the Internet, so they don’t even know what it could happen if they host a show on their community.

This idea is completely wrong because no song can be famous if they are not performed online and on stage. That’s the reason why new producers are often nameless on the shows.

Moreover, using the local support can help you to expand your relationship and have the chance to work with people who are already famous. This could be a huge support for your future.

So these are some common mistakes that new producers don’t really care about. It might not affect your career at first when you introduce your first track, but gradually you will realize that build these things from the beginning is exactly what you need to be on stage, not only on the Internet with some interesting tracks but nameless. So if you are going to be a producer in Electronic Dance Music, read this article and at least avoid being one of these examples. Fight for your own style and make it popular around the world!

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