What to Prepare When Attending Your First Edm Festival

A music festival is a special event that occurs anytime of the year. The theme and the genres might be changed over time, but the spirit and the energy are the same. EDM or Electronic Dance Music is considered the music of the youth. It can drain out all of your energy instantly if you don’t prepare yourself well before going to the first big festival.

If you are going to take part in the first EDM festival of your life, the feeling might be the combination of anxiety, nervousness, and excitement. You can’t make up your mind about what to wear, how to fit it with strangers and how to enjoy the music there without being exhausted too soon. That’s the reason why this article is for you! We will show you some basic tips and tricks so as to answer common questions about preparing for an EDM festival.

  1. Make Sure You Don’t Miss the Information

Before going to the EDM festival, you should visit the website at least once every day so that you won’t miss any information so far. You are going to spend all of your weekends there, the first thing to prepare is the information about the place as well as the date.

The atmosphere of EDM festival

The website will provide you the list of allowed items to bring with when attending the festival to guarantee the security for the show. Some stuff would not be welcomed there so you should know and replace them with other things that are fine to bring along.

In some cases, the festival can offer some charging stations around the stage, so that you can leave your portable battery at home and have more spaces for other essential objects.

In addition, if the site suggests you to go “cashless”, that means the money can be loaded to a special wristband. All things in the festival that needed to paid by money can be paid by using this wristband. You don’t have to carry the money around.

  1. Inspecting The Lineup

Since you don’t have to follow any strict lineup, it would be more flexible for you to look through the all the stage performances and pick some that you and your friends want to see most. Doing that would help you know what is the main performance of the festival and avoid wasting time on other less interesting ones. In addition, if some of your friends don’t know much about the event, you can explain briefly the detail so that he or she can join the festival with you.

  1. Stick with Your Group

If you can go to the even with others who have more experiences, it would be such a great opportunity for you to enjoy many things without worrying about the problems. They can help you to enjoy and play with maximum energy.

Stick with your group

However, make sure that you can go with them most of the time because the festival is such a crowd with people all around the world. That’s the reason why people can get lost easily. Of course, you are mature enough to know the ways, but you might miss some activities when wandering too much. That’s why you should follow your mates and go as a team so as to enjoy the whole event.

  1. Be Smart

One of the most common problems that happen to you almost all the time is hydration. You will surely feel thirsty all the time, even though you have brought water along with you.

The EDM festival takes a lot out of you, therefore you should care about your physical status and pay attention to the need for your body. In fact, some people don’t know about this and feel very tired even though they have just taken part in the warm – up session of the stage.

In case your feed too tired to do anything, take a rest immediately. The festival can last longer than you think and no one can judge you if you can’t keep up with it for a while. Festival is about being wild and free, not about waving and screaming all day long. Don’t be embarrassed if you can’t be like that, especially if it is the first time attending.

Sit back and listen to the music to recharge your energy. Having some snacks with a drink is needed if you want to regain your physical and mental condition quickly. Don’t do anything too stupid.

  1. Have A Fanny Pack for Your Own?

This is a must – have an accessory that you must bring along in every EDM festival or event like that. There could be no other things that can carry all the vital stuff than this one. It is a small bag for carrying things that are worn with a strap which goes around a person’s waist. It means your hands are free to do anything.

You can bring along many things without worrying about the weight if you know how to use the pack. It Is one of the essential things you have to take care of before buying anything else.

Exciting and crazy

  1. Wear What You Love

This is the occasion that doesn’t require you to wear a uniform or any kinds of formal clothes, so if you don’t know what to wear, casual clothes are fine. You should bring some T – shirts so that you can change it whenever your current one is all wet. It is going to be very hot and noisy so prepare clothes that are easy to wash.

No one knows who are you and where you come from, so just be free to express your feelings and emotions as well as wear what you want. Be yourself and be the best raver in the world.

These are just some small tips and tricks for you to get acquainted with your first EDM festival. If you have any other questions, just ask me through our fan page, I will be very pleased to help you answer all of them. Let’s enjoy your party and be free!

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