DJ Essential Equipment For Beginners

Making your way as a DJ in the music industry is a rising trend with the dominant of EDM and dance music today. Famous tracks and popular remixes are all you need to make money. However, with beginners, there is another problem which is even harder than producing an outstanding product. It is about the equipment. As other careers, one can’t do things properly without tools and machines since they are very helpful in many cases. So if you are a person who is interested in this pathway of music producing, it’s the post just for you. Choosing and using appropriate DJ equipment such as the best turntables or a good set of DJ controller is a challenging task, but possible if you have some valuable guides.

However, before spending any amount of money to the equipment, you should at least determine again about your investment. Being a DJ is not as easy as you think. On the other hand, it requires so many knowledge and skills including music theory and classical music. Moreover, the investment won’t be small, it might cost you a fortune to buy this equipment in an acceptable quality. If you have considered pros and cons, and still want to become a good DJ, these are things that you need to buy and get used to while producing EDM tracks.

DJ CD Turntable

  1. Turntable

Anyone knows what a turntable is, but purchasing a correct one which is handy and easy to control is quite difficult. In addition, not any DJ can do turntable techniques well without making any mistakes. It takes a large amount of time to actually get some results.

With the comeback of vinyl records and the quality of them, the turntable is becoming more and more popular. Choosing a good turntable to perform and practice is necessary for beginners, especially DJs who really want to shine at the concerts and music festivals. The turntable now has two main versions: manual and automatic version. Each one has its own pros and cons, so think carefully before choosing.

Another thing you should put into consideration is the rotation speed of the turntable since the RPM (revolutions per minute) of each record is quite different, and they might have some positive or negative impact on the performances. Today the most common speeds are 45 RPM and 33 RPM. Coming with the turntable, there are many additional features to help you feel comfortable with this type of equipment, so you can really take a look at several models and decide what type is the best choice.

DJ equipment

Don’t forget to look at the price range since they are so many underestimated products with reasonable prices and vice versa. Don’t let yourself be affected by retailers and ads. You had better ask for the supports from people who are in the career for a long time.

  1. Music Tracks

How could you be a DJ without music? The music track is one of the most basic things you have to bring with you almost any time at work. With the help of vinyl records, DJs now can do so much more than before by using scratching and looping techniques. In addition, most of them now have connected the source of music with their laptops and other types of audio formats as a way of storing and using. By using the digital versions, you don’t have to carry them around too much so as to avoid unwanted damages.

When purchasing storage device, you might want to have a look at the capacity. Normally, a memory stick with 64GB is fine to store more than 15000 songs. You can store better quality files which are larger in size and have more types of music in your devices which are good for mixing and producing. Getting used to the genre you are into and build a library of your own is the best way to form a good sense of music as a DJ.

  1. DJ Controller

Since most of your devices are digital and the formats are related to high – tech ones, you must own a DJ controller to make use of them easily. On market, the types of DJ mixer and controller are countless, but you should choose the simple one since you are a beginner and there are some functions that you can’t master yet.

DJ controller

Some features such as USB connections, sound input, and headphone plugin… must be tested carefully so that you can feel the sounds lively and correctly. You should also make sure that the DJ software works well with your controllers. Don’t underestimate these problems.

  1. DJ Software

When purchasing equipment, you should care about both hardware and software so they can have the best connection and work properly. In fact, there are some popular names that are trusted and sold worldwide such as Virtual DJ and Traktor. They all have some similar functions and additional features. The point is this software can produce files quickly in good quality for even live performances.

The best way for you to actually know which one is suitable for your working style is that you download their free trials and work on them. After some tracks, you can find out which one is the better choice.

As you can see, there are so much more to think of when you start your career life as a DJ. You have to push yourself really hard to at least make some noises on stage and bring out your best. In fact, getting used to some devices and make the system work properly is just the beginning. Never you will be the best without good device. Visit to read advice, tips and tricks to be more professional. You have so many things to learn in the future. Don’t be lazy or give up just because your tracks are not good enough yet. Practice makes perfect so there is no need to hurry. If you want to attend any course about music theory or DJ technique, visit our website and look for the schedule and sign up, we will provide further information to help you become a real DJ.

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