Some Silly Mistakes While Producing Electronic Dance Music

Producing the electronic dance musicYou have a lot of skill relating to the music. For example, you can know some tips to select the musical instruments. Moreover, you can sing well. Also, you want to try composing a new song as what you think about. All of them are your music ability. Now, our youth are hypnotized by the electronic dance music. If you want to try producing electronic dance music it is a great idea. Surely, you will begin to prepare some necessary devices. They are the best wireless earphones, a modern computer, and a digital audio workstation (DAW). I believe that you have enough condition to producing EDM. To get the success, you should refer to this article. I will share some silly mistakes when you produce electronic dance music. They are the common errors. I make sure that this information is very useful for your electronic dance music production.

Some General Things about The Electronic Dance Music

You want to begin producing the electronic dance music. Besides, you have the talent in this field. This is an important criterion to get the success. Actually, it is not enough because you should know some general information about it. Here are the general things which you must add in your mind as soon as possible:

  • EDM is an abbreviation of a type of the music. It is created from the electronic devices.
  • Beyond that, EDM often has the strong rhythms. It has some features of the inheritance from Disco music in the 70s;
  • In addition, EDM music is always composed of the electronic musical instruments. They include electric drums, the synthesizer, and the sequencer. These instruments can exploit the sound as well as the special timbre;
  • On the other hands, the electronic dance music also divides into the different kinds. They are the most typical types such as House, Trance, Trip Hop Moombathon, Dubstep, and Electro. From this, you can see EDM also has a lot of genre for the listeners.

In the case, you are the beginner to produce the electronic dance music. You should choose the EDM music genre to start. This is an important element for your consideration. This general thing will help you understand more about EDM in this world.

Some Silly Mistakes While Producing Electronic Dance Music

Silly mistake to produce EDM

Not only the beginners but also the producers with experience can have the mistakes. They are very popular. If you do not note during producing you are easy to fall into these errors. Although you can find out many mistakes there are four common errors as follows:

1. Too Loud Kick

With the beginners to produce electronic dance music, they often think to try creating too loud kick. They are the strong shaking, the huge rattle and combine the kick drums. This is also easy to do with the amplified system. The amplified bass will help have a new phenomenon. It is a strange thing to our ears. However, when the sound passes both the compression and the distortion, the sound will be the big kick. This is a terrible sound to hear.

As you know, the purpose of mixing to produce EDM is to have the great sounds and enough exciting to hear. Too loud kicks become a common mistake which many EDM producers have.

2. The End Is Cut Slowly

Surely, there is a rule for the end part in producing electronic dance music. Typically, the frequencies and anything must have the fast end. It means both the kick drum and bass sound must have a high pass filter. At that time, the EDM producers will choose the speaking of frequencies from 100 to 200 Hz. This element is very important and it helps the remaining mix can be easy to hear. In fact, the low end makes the empty space to breathe. Therefore, the sound of electronic dance music is not enough attractive to the listeners. However, the new EDM producers do not have the experience. So they are easy to have the mistake in this case.

3. Applying A Lot of Tricky Presets

Checking the sound design

To produce electronic dance music, the producers are indispensable the virtual synthesis tools. These instruments often combine with the sounding dynamic presets. The synthesizer instruments are very necessary to show off all potential of any musical instruments. To do this, the producers must preset them. Thus, they will create a lot of effects and oscillations which making the great sound in the electronic dance music. However, there are several sounds. And the sounds in dance music must face to the risk of overcrowding the mix. It is better to select one or two tricky presets. After that, you will use your earphones to check the sound design.

4. Existing The Conflicting Frequencies

Dance music also has many layers of sounds. This is good to ensure that each element will have the different space in the audible frequencies. So the producer must know how to separate every track naturally. If you do not pay attention to this you can make a crowded and chaotic mix. At that time, it will make a mixing layer into each song. Your EDM will have a mistake of the conflicting frequencies.

In short, to get the tips to produce the electronic dance music, it is not easy for the beginners. In fact, you can have a lot of errors during this process. Besides, you want to learn how to produce the electronic dance music successfully. You need to avoid some common mistakes. Knowing the EDM production tips and avoiding four errors above are two basic factors. Surely, these things will help you reach the final goal of the success. I believe that this article just provides the useful things about the electronic dance music. You should look back at this writing if you do not want to have the common mistakes. Especially, you want to produce the electronic dance music.

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