Being a DJ – What Pros and Cons Are

Being a DJ

A large number of people think that being a DJ is all games and fun after the parties and the performances. However, there is a myriad of ups and downs. Most of the DJ often loses sleep, late night pizza, and pain their back.

Accordingly, if you want to blow on a pair of turntables with the X-Mas bonus yours, you will have to consider the advantages and disadvantages of a DJ. I will share with you everything below. Let’s see!

The Cons & Pros of Being a DJ

The Pros

#1. Sharing music: Based on what Sam Walker who coordinates with Royce creates a rising duo shared, being a DJ has the best one – foreign travel. Aside from that, it is to meet people all over the world that will be connected together via the music.

#2. Getting paid for the parties: You likely come back home with a lot of cash on every Sunday night. There is what you get on a nice night anyway. With most the DJs, DJing is a love without a job. A bonus is been by getting paid.

#3. Schwag: If you are a DJ, you will often get many free things such as cover charges, drinks, T-shirts,… as long as you make good your role. Yes, these making-up ones are necessary for the small earnings, especially, in the U.S.

#4. DJs are sexy: When standing in front of that booth, you don’t need to walk over to talk to a guy – people are going to come up to you. Most DJs steering the momentum likely have a couple of cultural caches.

#5. No dress code: A uniform will be difficult to make you lose the individual identity because the DJs are ready to express their individual style. In the most cases, dressing also contributes to getting plenty of gigs for you.

Being a DJ – sharing & indulging

#6. Free music: When you play more, convincing people through your transmitted tunes for free will be easier.

#7. Having a reason so as not to dance: Despite loving music, some feel embarrassed to dance as the Mash Potato. If being a DJ, you have a good reason to refuse.

#8. Sharing music with friends: It is a good one when having the best group around while you are steering the momentum on the dance-floor. In fact, if having a kindred soul, you will be able to be a better DJ, based on Q-Burns Abstract Message pointed out.

#9. Working the room: You may find the groove yours, in case you are playing the game. When you are mixing, people respond to each of the movements you bring. Obviously, being a DJ is not different from a sport.

According to Derek Marin – a DJ/ producer, the ideal one of being a DJ is to attract and receive the trust from the crowds. In the zone, all they have committed a full manner. They let you take them wherever – it sounds magical.

#10. Steering culture: In many recent years, the new musical directions have been taken full responsibility by the DJs. Apart from, there are still the fashion trends, dance style, or advanced technology. All make DJs get a certain position that contributes to enriching culture.

Being a DJ – the new trends

The Cons

#1. Harmful to your health: It is probably that you must spend a myriad of hours breathing in the dust when performing the outside. It is detrimental to your eyesight due to staring at the screen of the computer. Standing in many hours leads to a backache.

#2. An addiction of collecting: You may deplete an amount of your budget when collecting music. Even, it likely makes your house become unlivable.

#3. The song is requested: You take many years to store the record collection yours as well as it keeps the musical heartbeat with your fingers. Nevertheless, you can have to play another music from their smartphones, instead, your music.

#4. High competition but lousy pay: At present, there are countless DJs, who become cheap. Taking advantage of the scarcity of the venues, the promoters are ready to sacrifice the quality in order to fill the coffers themselves. It expects the DJs to fill their bar.

#5. DJ Egos: A large number of DJs have a big head. You can recognize that the DJs with a big name aren’t often the humble people. The fame a bit likely goes to their head like a big something.

It is actually to bum other DJs when meeting and dealing with the DJs having the inflated egos. According to Q-Burns Abstract Message, this is the worst one of being a DJ.

Being a DJ - challenge

#6. Airports: It is considered as one of the worst things of DJing. In spite of not globetrotting, this issue is pretty high on the list, especially those who end the meet on the circuit of the international club.

#7. Pandering: In general, the DJs must spend a lot of time to find the musical gems. The soul will be crushed when pandering to the masses that found to the DJ with the new purpose. For the time being, most people have owned thousands of song, so the respect level is not high.

#8. Try to make everybody fun: Playing how many songs is no problem. It is noticed that someone feels unhappy. Once there are the bookers, you occasionally need to have to switch on a dime. Of course, it will feel balanced-lose when you must do something that is entirely different.

#9. Keep the attention of people: You not only stand in the booth but also make podcasts, tweet, make tracks, and play out. It ought to remember that you will be forgotten once slacking off. Your time spending to keep the attention of the crowds means to take that time to spin the records.

#10. Haters: Yes, those who don’t like the music you are playing will think what you do is not suck and hard. Correspondingly, you can be going to leave in peace once you don’t concentrate on the music.


Similar to performing the workouts in the gym, the Crossfitters needs the music to boost the intensity, by wearing the best workout headphones when training. Being a DJ also needs to love the music so as to maintain their challenging job.

Actually, being a DJ is not as easy as many people still thought. Through this article, it is certain that you also recognize this one. Aside from the pros, it is not short of the cons.

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